Planning North London’s future.

Every year, the two million people living in north London produce 850,000 tonnes of rubbish. The North London Waste Authority is a dedicated organisation which:

  • Makes sure that waste disposal happens responsibly
  • Secures the infrastructure and capability to deliver these services into the long term
  • Helps residents to minimise the waste they generate and to increase recycling.

There’s growing public awareness of the challenges of sustainable waste management. We have senior roles which enable talented people to make a real difference in this area – making a personal impact and helping to lead the Authority into the future.

The North London Waste Authority serves seven London boroughs with membership consisting of councillors from each of the boroughs. They depend on a skilled team of officers to deliver our service and the right strategies for the future.

We have the necessary development approval to construct a new energy from waste plant which we want to be operational in the mid-2020s. This will provide a long-term route for handling residual waste, while generating enough electricity to power 127,000 homes. We are also committed to providing an excellent service under existing contracts. As a large waste disposal authority we can be influential in new sector developments including plans for deposit return schemes and plastic reduction initiatives; and want to position the NLWA to make the most of opportunities for the benefit of our residents.

This is a chance to work with a highly experienced authority and hugely motivated team. And not only that: you’ll be working for the public good on the kinds of initiatives that you don’t find every day. If you share our drive to establish a more responsible, environmentally-friendly approach to waste disposal, you’ll find the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) an incredibly exciting place to work.

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